The digital changing room for individual size recommendations

SizeMatcher is a smart changing room that offers personal size and style recommendations based on your individual body shape.

Within two seconds the SizeMatcher booth captures a digital profile that includes all garment related features of your body. A digital fashion database in connection with your body profile allows SizeMatcher to mathematically determine the best fitting clothes for you – online or offline. SizeMatcher is the changing room of the future.

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How SizeMatcher works

1 | body profile

The SizeMatcher booth uses a set of sensors to create a digital profile of your body. Once your body profile has been stored, it serves as a reference for future size recommendations.

2 | size match

SizeMatcher is connected to TechPackCloud (TPC), a huge, extensible database of sewing patterns, managed by Staramba. This database contains detailed size information about the fashion collection of your favorite retail store or online shop. Based on the TPC and your digital body profile, SizeMatcher automatically determines a complete list of perfect fitting fashion items for you.

3 | happy shopping

SizeMatcher makes you happy. Why? It hands your personal size matches to you on a plate. Therefore, instead of spending your quality time inside a dim changing room with a pile of unfitting clothes, you can finally relax and focus on the pleasant aspects of your shopping journey.

Ready for the industry

As a B2B partner of the SizeMatcherNetwork you get private online access to the TechPackCloud.

The TechPackCloud's web panel allows you to easily build up your own item database by just uploading the associated tech packs or point of measure (POM) files. After the automated analysis of your individual tech pack or POM file structure, the TPC converts each uploaded item into a standardized data structure. This data structure allows SizeMatcher to fully consider the uploaded items within the size matching process.

Due to the TPC's batch import support, uploading a single item is as easy as uploading a whole collection with hundreds of items.

Network of SizeMatcher booths

The SizeMatcherNetwork allows you to use your personal body profile in connection with all partner locations, stores, online shops or market places equipped with the body profile ready badge.

As a customer you can always decide how to handle your personal body profile. Once your profile has been stored, you can choose where to use or not to use it. If you want to use a certain service or website in connection with your body profile you can simply use your SizeMatcher account's credentials to grant permission. If you change your mind later you can easily revoke your permission.

hardware specifications

size 1,50m x 1,10m x 2,60m (length x width x height)
measure accuracy +/- 1-3mm
power consumption < 5A, 100-240V source supported

B2B prices

client set-up fee for unlimited business locations EUR 4,900.00

  • private TechPackCloud repository
  • SizeMatcher booth management
  • tech pack format setup
  • POM file format setup

item import of one garment, up to 10 sizes EUR 79.00

  • tech pack support
  • POM file support
  • web interface upload
  • API upload

training event EUR 900.00*

  • 3 hours of interactive training
  • up to 8 participants per event
  • * traveling costs to the target location are not included

extended service price
ERP system integration prices on request more information
SSO integration prices on request more information
API connection for online marketplaces HOT prices on request more information
standalone mobile app for iOS and Android prices on request more information
native app module for iOS and Android prices on request more information
conversion commission 2% of the selling price more information

developers <strong>welcome</strong>

Developers welcome

Would you like to develop new ideas, concepts and innovative IT, applications based on our products? That is great! We appreciate your effort and want to support you as good as possible.

Please get in touch with our development team in order to get access to our development resources.

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