Product Variety

Our scans are not only impressive and fascinating, but all our products are of the highest quality! High-resolution pictures have built the basis for our work. Photorealistic 3D-figurines of top athletes or virtual reality models of popstars – analog or digital. A fantastic way to expand your portfolio with our unique variety of 3D products.

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3D Scanners

Extraordinary technologies create extraordinary scans. Discover 3D-INSTAGRAPH©: Our unique photogrammetry-system which creates high-resolution 3D-scans of exceptional quality in an impressively short period of time. Boost your business with the quality it deserves – with our scanner-systems for hire.

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Scanning Process

We scan every subject with our unique scanner – getting high-resolution pictures within a few seconds. These are the base for our variety of top-quality analog and digital 3D-products.



Our unique photogrammetry-system 3D INSTAGRAPH®: is technology behind exceptional quality scans, with as many as 150 cameras producing high-quality pictures of any object within a few seconds. On top of that, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s now available for purchase or rent in our store.

Digital Processing

Having the scans as the base foundation, our 3D-artists develop detailed models for the digital and analog processes. From there, they are either elaborately printed in a 3D-process or animated for virtual reality applications.


We produce impressive realistic images of any person – whether it be unique 3D-models for virtual and augmented reality, real-time applications or computer games. The endless possibilities and realizable adaptations are now finally possible with our unique product.

3D-Product Variety

As a collector’s item at home featured in a cabinet or as a super-realistic highlight in a computer game, our 3D-products enjoy great popularity amongst our customers.

Cooperation partners

Benefit from Staramba: a strong full-service provider in the 3D-sector – as a reseller, partner or licensor. Contact us now.

Home of the stars

The stars we have scanned are just as proud of their realistic miniature selves as we are. Click on their pictures to get to our shop – directly to your favorite star.

Doro Pesch 3D Figur
Manuel Neuer 3D Figur
Mike Shinoda 3D Figur - Linkin Park
Arthur Abraham 3D Figur
Brazzo 3D Figur
Brad Delson 3D Figur - Linkin Park
Ross Antony 3D Figur
Julian Draxler 3D Figur

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