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Prepare yourself for a mind blowing VR Experience and become an alpha tester for STARAMBA.spaces

STARAMBA. spaces

STARAMBA.spaces is a social VR platform poised to revolutionize the way stars and brands communicate with their fans.

STARAMBA.spaces opens up a whole new world of possibilities to enhance the exchange between fans and their celebrity of choice, whether it be in Sports, Music or in the retail industry.

Now everyone can be afforded direct contact with their fanbase in Virtual Reality. This platform affords a proximity, between stars and fans, which has never before been seen. It’s a space to chat, learn and share experiences.



You want to be available for your fans 24/7 – STARAMBA.spaces is the place to be.

Inform your fans about all your news that you also share on social 2D platforms. Become the star of closeness and tell your fans everything directly.

Besides providing news, you can interact with your fans. Give them a personal training lesson, sing, dance, arm wrestle with them or sell your latest LP, jersey, accessoires or whatever you want.



Get your STARAMBA.space for all of your ideas.

You want to present your new products in VR, sell your products, place your product, or let the fans make their personal advert with your product and share it with their friends and followers.

Interaction with products can be so much more fun than just seeing them on ads or in commercials. Get your customers to intaract with your products and buy them – either directly at STARAMBA.spaces or during the next shopping tour.



You want to promote your products or services?

Get your advertising.space and benefit from celebrity endorsement to showcase your products and boost your sales.

Contact us for more information about advertising possiblities at STARAMBA.spaces.



Different ideas require differentiated solutions. Depending on your vision, we can offer you the choice of three distinct packages.

BASIC.space: Small investment with limited revenue potential

ADVANCED.space: Additional features with more market potential

PREMIUM.space: The sky is the limit

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